Ripped Checkers RC Heli Canopy

August 18, 2008

I just finished painting another canopy for my 450's. I planned for so much more than what resulted, but after having problems with paint peeling up I finished it up with minimal masking and had to leave it fairly simple looking. I think one of my primer coats was laid on too thick.



  1. Masked off the jagged edges of the checkered flag.
  2. Masked off the checkers.
  3. Laid on a silver / black blend.
  4. Peeled off the checkers, and shot a drop shadow around the edges of the flag.
  5. I used some liquid mask to mask off my jagged flag. Goes on opaque, dries translucent.
  6. Removed the vinyl masking. Now I see some of the white paint peeling up.
  7. Shoot the fluorescent yellow to fluorescent orange fade.
  8. Shoot a simple black windscreen, and some fluorescent red (turned out looking orange, because I did not want to mask it off and lay down some white for a background.)