My First Airbrushed RC Car Body

November 12, 2008

After more than a month of indecision, I finally settled on a theme for my first attempt at an airbrushed r/c car body. It turned out very well for a first try however I took some time to practice before hand which rewarded me well. Here is the end result:

The checkers are actually a nice deep and shiny color, but my workbench's white surface is being reflected making it look lighter than it is. The colors used were: metallic blue, metallic red, white, black, silver, fluorescent yellow and red. The orange is a mix of the fluorescent yellow and red, while the dark silver in the checkers is a mix of silver and black.

Midway through the job:

Below is my very first practice piece. It was a sheet of glass I had laying around. I wanted to see if I could shade my paint drips decently and get a feel for painting from the "inside." I learned about the importance of not laying on too wet of a backing color or it will bleed through. Dark colors also need to be done first or they will show through the lighter colors.

Lastly here are some of my doodles that helped me select a theme to try...