A Vibrant Canopy for the EF Cypher Heli

December 30, 2008

On a never-ending quest for high-visibility canopy designs, I came up with this bad boy. Unfortunately I over sanded the first coat of clear and broke through to the candy blue in a few spots :( You will have to excuse the poor cover ups. Luckily they aren't noticeable when in flight.


  1. Reinforced the edges of the canopy with some extra fiberglass.
  2. Filled the stock holes with microballons and flexible CA.
  3. Thoroughly sanded the canopy, then primed with sandable primer. Two coats.
  4. One coat of white paint.
  5. Drew the curves with a 4B pencil. Don't make the mistake I did: A mechanical pencil's lead is sharp and will spear into your nicely sanded and primed surface. Heart breaking...
  6. Washed the canopy with warm soap and water. No, this does not remove your drawing unless you scrub really hard.
  7. Shot the color coats: fluorescent yellow, fluorescent orange, fluorescent red, silver and candy blue.
  8. Masked off the entire canopy with some liquid mask. Let dry for a few hours in the sun.
  9. Used a Sharpie to draw the black outlines, then cut out the outlines with a fresh #11 blade.
  10. Shot the black, then peeled off the remaining mask.

When removing the liquid mask there will be a blue tint left behind. Its goes away after a few hours. You don't have to wait for it, it will still disappear if you paint or clear over it.

  1. Shot the first layer of clear.
  2. Let it cure for 24 hours, then sanded it. I over sanded and broke through the candy blue :(
  3. Fixed my mistake as best I could, then washed and applied a second coat of clear.
  4. Done.