Telemetry Viewer v0.3

February 11, 2017

I started developing a telemetry visualization tool around half a year ago but never got around to making a post on my blog. This tool makes it easy to chart data received over a UART. Line charts, Fourier transforms, histograms and dials (gauges) are currently supported. The main goal was to be able to plot large amounts of data, live, without requiring a very powerful CPU or GPU. With antialiasing enabled, I'm currently able to plot around 600,000 points, at 4k60, with a mobile Core i7 (and no discrete GPU.) With antialiasing disabled, I can more than double that.

Since there are no blog posts for v0.2 and v0.1, I'll list the changelog and demo videos for all three versions:

Telemetry Viewer v0.3 Changelog (2017-02-11)

Telemetry Viewer v0.3 Demo Video

Telemetry Viewer v0.2 Changelog (2016-11-24)

Telemetry Viewer v0.2 Demo Video

Telemetry Viewer v0.1 Changelog (2016-09-27)

Telemetry Viewer v0.1 Demo Video


Executables (.jar) and source code (.zip) can be downloaded at or the project can be viewed at