Telemetry Viewer v0.8

July 24, 2021

Telemetry Viewer v0.8 Changelog (2021-07-24)

Java 16 Notes

Java 16 was recently released and made some changes to how the internal APIs work. The OpenGL library that I use interacts with some of those internal APIs, and an updated version that is compatible with Java 16 has not been released yet. As a work around, if you use Java 16 you must run the .jar file from the command line with a special flag:

java --illegal-access=permit -jar TelemetryViewer_v0.8.jar

This work around also applies to older versions of Telemetry Viewer when using Java 16.

Telemetry Viewer v0.8 Demo Video


Executables (.jar) and source code (.zip) can be downloaded at or the project can be viewed at